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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

YTL property-The Grove launch on 24 June 2011

YTL Property

-The Grove-

Launching on 24 June 2011 Friday

What is this chairs for?
Of course is reserve for all those value-customers, they come to Q-up for the launching start since wednesday (48 hours early)

big thanks for their supportive

YTL land staff, working hard day and night for preparation

OMG~~ they are Q up

long Q here


congrat to YTL, sold out the Seme-D in two days time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Ipoh, Pangkor outstation work


Two days outstation work at Ipoh

my senior arrange a Peak-Schedule for our two days work=.=

Forget the tiredness- eat chicken rice first

The restaurant boss and worker, work as fast as a machine

The crowd never end, one table clean, one group In

Port office

A gang of local-malaysian broke back mountain boyssss

My partner... look at his face and pose.. missing his wife ko~~

Reach the port

Take a pic first

Satu Malaysia- Sapu Malaysia

Yellow boat-- Huat ah!!!

Ultraman Eye

Nice view huh

Going back=.=

Before leave pangkor, another pic again

sienz ooo.. the time we stay in Pangkor, not more than 2 hours. Coz we are leaving after done the inspection work. aiks... wat a waste