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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Life quotes; Bookxcess receipt story no.0033

We talk and talk

Rarely spending time to listen.
Many relationships have broken up, just because we spoke more than necessary, and never listened enough.

Sad, really sad.

Considering God made us with one mouth and 2 ears.

Basically telling us to talk less and listen more.

The End

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year 2012!!

Hello Dude!! Happy New Year 2012!!!!

what u guys planning for 2012 yo~

Daily planning start on the morning.
Yearly planning start on the 1st January.

So do i, have some plan.

Here is the mega project list;

  • Write diary
  • Blog post up to 100 for this year
  • Finish 50 books at least
  • Ultimate $ saving plan
  • Be an intelligent engineer instead of "cow eng"/ Anjing-Liar
  • Do constant sport activity, be healthy, live healthy
  • Change a little bit in lifestyle to be GREEN

Uh huh, sounds rare or too general?

haha, dunno why, this few aims are the thing i always want to do,

and ya, i am doing it now actually, but just stop-cont-stop,

this year, i wish to implement all the aims constantly and discipline

Oh yeah~ wish u guys have a nice year