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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas@ 2011-12-24 ^^

It's the month of Cakes & Candles,
Snow & Songs,
Carols & Joys,
Laughter & Love,
Wishing you merry Christmas...

Helo guys and gals, mostly what u do on Christmas Eve?
Having a party at KL Club?
Singing at Church?
Watching movie at Cinema?
Driving a Car?
Spending with ur Credit Card?
Drinking with fren and Chit-Chat?

Amazing things happen in Christmas with all "C".. haha

I think maybe few of you are tired for decorate the house (especially those married)

Thinking a low budget for Christmas Decoration?
why dont you just Print this out and Hang it at ur Front Door?

Thinking to have joyful and funny Christmas? (but worrying over spending?)
Why dont you just sit tight in your room, and watch Mr. Bean@ Marry Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
May you be surrounded by all the things that bring Christmas cheer...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Malaysia launches new banknotes@2011-12-21 Wednesday

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec. 21 (Xinhua) -- Malaysia launched a new series of banknotes on Wednesday, which will begin circulation from mid-2012.

The new Malaysian Currency launched by Prime Minister Najib Razak includes 1 ringgit, 5 ringgit, 10 ringgit, 20 ringgit and 100 ringgit.

Details news

banknote news

Early before, I myself was alert with the news that our bank notes will renew by next year.

But when i saw the images in 2nite news. i still feel excited and hoping for our new bank notes.

Because all of them are cool. ( hey, bank notes always cool ok)

Ok, dont talk so much, lets have a look on our brand new bank notes^^

Check it out;

Close view of RM 1

Close view of RM 5

Close view of RM 10

Close view of RM 20

Close view of RM 50

Close view of RM 100

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Celebrating Joey Birthday + family dinner@2011-12-17

Happy Birthday to Joey !!

We all invited to attend the birthday dinner, as a celebration for Joey. (she very got face)

Everyone smiling nice

We heading to Sungai Yu Restaurant for our dinner

We are very happy and satisfy with the food, of course, the price also.

And the, upon Joey boss request, we second round to tutti frutti cafe to eat yogurt. ( Clicks the link for details)

everything here need to be self-service.
u r just serve while doing payment. hahaha

lots of choices and clean environment


Seems like everyone enjoying yogurt.

i didn't eat, coz no my favor

Restoran Laut sungai yu
No. 31-0, Lorong Batu Nilam 3B,
Bandar Bukit Tinggi
41200 Klang, Selangor
Tel 03-33258808

Mobile: 012-343 7370 (Nancy) / 012-628 1894 (Zhi Wei) / 012-232 3799 (Su Nian)

GARMIN Coordinates Ready: Latitude 3.010654 Longtitude 101.434911

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt
NO. 99-0, Ground Floor, Jalan Mahogani 5, Bandar Botanic, 41200 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New project started@_@

Start from today onwards, my body was officially "sold-out", i need to work day and night.

Seriously, start early morning, my brain need to spin2, arrange2, prepare2, drive2, meet2, install2, solve2, sign2, mail2...etc.

From 14.12.2011, i need to say goodbye to my current life style. Which means i can't enjoy puer tea, can't back hostel on time ( 8pm), i need to check email every night ( they like to send main instruction on night), i need to double check mail every morning ( they like to do amendment on early morning).

Wish everything will be fine.

p/s: in my labels for this post, i put "sleeper bad luck" too, coz.. i think this consider as a bad luck too. huhuhu

Monday, December 12, 2011

Do what is RIGHT, NOT what is EASY

Recently there was lots of life inspiration photos created and spread in facebook.

one of the hottest facebook ID was ACME magazine (<= clicks into the link for details)

And here was a pic that i like the most, and put as my labtop wallpaper now.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Sunday@outing meet fren+bintang walk - 2011-12-04

This stunday 2011-12-04

Me and Sin Hooi are booked by one sweet couple one week ago. (i will like to apologize to TV 11 and NTV XX that i cancel the MTV award interview, sorry, i got to do that for my good fren lionhui and tigerTan)

That morning, i wake up early as usual, do some reading stuff (read a novel), walk here-walk there, fetch sin hooi, washed my car and have my breakfast, bla bla bla~~

After everything done, checked.

Me and Sin hooi Depart, we drive All~Along~The~Way

We finally arrived at Winner Height Condo on time, around 1pm something.
I make a call to Stephen Tiger, he said "i gonna drive my car out, coz i am gotta back early"
ok~ no problem, lets moves and straight away go have our delicious lunch.
at PAO XIANG Bak Ku Teh restaurant. ( <== click the link for details)

The certified sweet couple (look at them, dont u agree with me?)

The taste is good.
Until now, Pao xiang was the only one Klang Bak Ku Teh Frans-ices that i am satisfied with the taste control.
check it out!

If u feel interested, u k refer to those 3 newspaper link i attached at above;



Ok~ done our meet with lionhui and tigerTan

and we just finish our bak kut teh meal,
we cannot just spending time by sitting at a place and chit-chat.

We should go make some move, walk2 bit~

So, we go to Bintang walk.
Visit the nice and beautiful Starhill Gallery (<= pls click into the link for details)

Starhill Gallery always was a nice, luxury, and relax place for Public to Shopping.
and of coz, you can shoot some photo with those nice background too~
you will love it~

Shook Restaurant

Starhill@ Tea Salon

ehm~ this photo is showing u guys the way to starhill "feast" lvl toilet.
ok, i knw i knw, we should intro better place instead of a toilet.
but! but ! but!
the starhill toilet at "feast" lvl really different! A Must Try To See Location at Starhill!!


JW Marriot hotel lobby

The way out from Starhill to Sephora was so nice too.
dont you feel it looks like a church?

we will LOSt
in a big city

Ok, we cross the road,
and go to Pavilion (<= clicks into the link for details)

it was so crowd~~~

uhm~ which one to buy le?

walk2 in Pavilion,
Suddenly we feel like in our body, got the "JUMPER" ability

and we jump to Tokyo Street!!!

deng deng deng!

Am I looks cool?

Photo photo photo
Don't forget about tea!
there was long Q
nice shoot!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Starbuck Sat Nite @ 2011-12-03

The night was raining,
me and devella have not idea where to go~

In my mind;
If go to have a mug of beer, is bad to our healthy(na~~ haha)
if go for movie, the time too late~ feel less mood for movie
If go for yam cha, uhm uhm~~ currently i am in a effort to keep fit (wuhaha, i knw i knw, i need not to keep fit)
If go..

if if if if if if~~

After so many "if", why not we just heading to Setia Alam Starbuck.

Sit steady, order a dark mocha, and green tea frappucino

Devella~ (this pic wont look fat hoh)

Cont read my book, the lost symbol

~end of my sat nite~

Friday, December 2, 2011

YTL Concert of Celebration 2011 with Julio Iglesias

The YTL Concert of Celebration 2011 with Julio Iglesias was launched and end successfully on Yesterday Night.

Julio Iglesias voice is amazing, listening to his singing is my best experience of a lifetime.

Thank You YTL Corp! for bringing us such a nice memory night on 2011-12-01 ! Thank you!

Oh yeah~ i am part of the Concert Crew on that night actually. I feel so proud and excited for this concert. Check it out for the concert sneak pic~

Concert Venue was located just exactly center of Starhill Gallery and Pavilion
Everything are got ready on 3pm

OMG~~ oh yeah~ u r right~
He is Julio Iglesias~
he came to do some simple rehearsal on 5pm.
Julio and his band are so professional and serious to their show, they tested every single rhythm before the show started.

uhm~ as one of the concert crew member, we are provided nice dinner buffet at YTL's Societe Cafe, Starhill Gallery.

Click into this link for cafe details: societe cafe

Before the concert start, manager brief us again
and then~ Catcha photos^^

Ok~ Times Up!
Everyone on your position!
1, 2, 3!!
Gate 3 team are Ready!

Sheep~ the night started with rain~

and rain again~

and rain-rain again~

but fortunately the audiences are willing to seat still there to wait for the show start.

Nice mobile-Toilet stand by there for public to settle their "pee-pee, voo-voo"

End of the concert,
i missed the fire-flower (coz i am starving, and rush to simple supper)
Everyone keen to take some memorable photo for this such a special and "wet" night~haha

~End Of The Concert~