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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New project started@_@

Start from today onwards, my body was officially "sold-out", i need to work day and night.

Seriously, start early morning, my brain need to spin2, arrange2, prepare2, drive2, meet2, install2, solve2, sign2, mail2...etc.

From 14.12.2011, i need to say goodbye to my current life style. Which means i can't enjoy puer tea, can't back hostel on time ( 8pm), i need to check email every night ( they like to send main instruction on night), i need to double check mail every morning ( they like to do amendment on early morning).

Wish everything will be fine.

p/s: in my labels for this post, i put "sleeper bad luck" too, coz.. i think this consider as a bad luck too. huhuhu