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Monday, December 5, 2011

Starbuck Sat Nite @ 2011-12-03

The night was raining,
me and devella have not idea where to go~

In my mind;
If go to have a mug of beer, is bad to our healthy(na~~ haha)
if go for movie, the time too late~ feel less mood for movie
If go for yam cha, uhm uhm~~ currently i am in a effort to keep fit (wuhaha, i knw i knw, i need not to keep fit)
If go..

if if if if if if~~

After so many "if", why not we just heading to Setia Alam Starbuck.

Sit steady, order a dark mocha, and green tea frappucino

Devella~ (this pic wont look fat hoh)

Cont read my book, the lost symbol

~end of my sat nite~

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