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Monday, August 13, 2012

Sabah KK DAP forum "UBAH & TUKAR"

Last few days, i read about this forum in local sabah paper.
It mentioned that one DAP talk will be held at KK Star city centre.
I feel excited and can't wait for that, because the venue is near and the time i probably will be free.

2nite, i come.

The talk start on 8pm-10pm. but i reach there by 630pm. haha.
There are few people though i am a reporter due to my wearing and accessories.

at first, bo rang (no ppl)
after that, FULL CROWD as usual. haha

YB Jimmy Wong

YB jimmy wong given his speech in HAKKA, so i not really understand.
But i guess he is talking about BN corruption, someone sold Sabah to West Malaysia, bad road condition, dark future for Sabah youth and 13th general election will be the most Dirtiest Malaysia Election.

Tan Sri Simon Sipaun

Tan Sri Simon Sipaun is a good speaker, he do a lot of preparation for tonight speech.
He pointed out a lot facts and interesting comparison between Sabah and West Malaysia.
One of the example is;
Why budget 2011 only allocated 9.99 billion ringgit for Sabah only, compare to Klang Valley single one LRT project already approach 68 billion ringgit?

Our VIP tonight, Datuk Seri Panglima YB Wilfred Bumburing
Datuk Seri Panglima YB wilfred bumburing just quit BN, and join PKR. ( He is yet to decide join which party of PKR)
But his best statement tonight is; he said "Dr Mahathir is traitor of Sabah" !!

YB Teresa Kok

YB Teresa Kok given her speech through powerpoint that so powerful, and the contents are all about Selangor Government Welfare for folks, youth and poor family in Selangor. I believe all this welfare will make Sabahan jealous, because they are the one reserve the most for all mentioned welfare since 49 years ago.

I buy this all with Rm 64 only. worth of it!

a quality cap

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Boss new car Mitsubishi Pajero 2012

Last month, 20th July 2012
My boss car, given by his boss arrived KK at the morning.
He pass the key to us to play around with the new car. hehe.

Of course, he did request us do something for this car.
We need to buy rubber mat and sterling lock for the car.

This is just a simple task, but! he want us buy a rubber mat that without any smell. hohoho~ we got into trouble.

Luckily, i know where to find it, just the price might kinda expensive ba. (Rm 380 for one set, expensive? i don't car, my boss will pay the bill, haha)

This is the car, cool?

Mitsubishi Pajero Official Details and Pricing in Malaysia

Hope in future, my boss get bored with his car, then he allow us to drive it out. oh yeah.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy to know you are running ^^

Dear Devella,

Great to read your sms, telling me you went out for jogging on early morning.
Kingofsleeper wish to congratulate and support you for keep doing this constantly for your entire life.
Jia you!

 Remember, it's just a mile.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Everyday is a good day, when you run

I want to run, keep running.
For any reason, healthy, stylish, momentum and discipline life.

Dear everyone, enjoy your running.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

QPR beat Sabah Selection 5-0 to kick off ASIAN tour in style

This is my first time to watch football match in live, in the stadium.
The phenomenon is cool, and temperature high. You seldom got a chance shouting together with 25000 people else, but here you can achieve this objective.
About the match, i can't say i am enjoy it because the performance is bad. Sabah Selection obviously can't compete with QPR at all, so overall the match is boring and sleepy due to huge difference in professional football level.
Not matter how, i still will try to buy a ticket watch local League Match, maybe it will be much more interesting because they are compete in the same level. 

Check it out the both team line up;

First-half: Brian Murphy, Max Ehmer, Clint Hill, Anton Ferdinand, Michael Harriman, Michael Doughty, Park Ji-sung, Samba Diakite, Shaun Wright-Philipis, Bobby Zamora, Andy Johnson.

Second-half: Radek Cerny, Fabio Da Silva, Nedum Onuoha, Matthew Connolly, Armand Traore, Jamie Mackie, Adel Taarabt, Hogan Ephraim, Jay Bothroyd, Djibril Cisse, Heidar Helguson.

Irwan Jamil, Baihakki Khaiza, Robbie Gaspar, Pritam Singh, Octavianus Maniani,Tipus John, Nazrul Erwan, Ridi Arizal, Mafray Balang, Sabri Sahar, Bobby Gonzales.

QPR! i am coming!

Check In AirAsia-QPR booth

Awaiting the kick-off

Substitution team

From 0-1 , develop until 0-5=.=
Bobby Zamora 8"
Heider Helguson 63"
Jay Bothroyd 69"
Djibril Cisse 73" and 81"

Nothing to say

Free Gift from AirAsia booth after we key in personal details, lolx.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes, i could spent a morning for this

Last Saturday, 14/07/2012

A very nice day, a working day that we doesn't need to work, how nice is that.
So, we plan some activity for killing the time, the answer will be fishing.

Early morning 6am i am wake up, and do preparation. Me and Frank meet Fadali on 7am, then we straight proceed to LIDO morning market to purchase our "little fish" and "sotong".

We drive around 30-40 minutes from KK to a river beside Jalan Papar-Kimanis, the place not bad.

Failed to catch any fish back, never mind, at least we know one more fishing spot for our future. hehe. This is how my Saturday morning spent. oh yeah

Monday, June 18, 2012

First blood in my fishing life

Sunny Sunday
We Sabah CME team departure for fishing mission.
This time, we are different, we are united and ready for all sort of challenges.

I just wish to lost my "fishing virgin" this time, haha, because i still got ZERO result after few times fishing.

Reach the Farhan's Farm

Federick always the one first blood, but not this time.
Ah fatt get this fish
Federick, Fatt and Lee Chee Fong got their big fish too.  haha

Omg! i got my 1st fish at last!
Then, my 2nd fish, a BIG one!
oh no.. so happy

haha, at last, i got my 1st fish, and also a BIG fish in fishing adventure. Bravo~~
Frankly say, the fish is so delicious to eat. cant forget the moment huh~

Friday, June 15, 2012

New car get BANG in 1st Service. SAD

So sad, happily send the car for 1st service, but got this innocent bang in the center.
Luckily the one bang my car is the Center's executive, so easily can fix it well back without charges.


Cham~ the moment i walk into center, the car still ok
The moment make payment, service assistant inform that my car get into accident.=.=

This is the car!!

Wish the car recover back to original cool look.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Departure to Kudat on 5AM

We always need to be ready before action.
So, i go refill my fuel tank to full at the night before departure.

Early morning 4am wake up, and departure sharp on 5am.
My partner, Raja sleep tight beside me while i am driving.

u see, the car is so NEW!!

Sometimes, it's good to drive at early morning, enjoy the fresh and cool air. haha

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

First meet with wild boar

Have you ever seen a wild boar before?

here u go~ check it out

Wild Boar

Look at his face, very fierce right? i believe this size of wild boar can be freaky crazy insane in jungle. I guess at least 3 gun shot only can bring him down huh.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Village Fried Rice while on the way back to KK

In Sabah, we always travel via car.
All the so call "highway" at here, are so nice and "natural"
We hardly to find a place for food and pee-pee.
So, we need to drive, learn and remember the places.

I had my delicious Nasi Goreng Kampung at a road side Restaurant while on the way back to KK from Tambunan, very nice. Even my colleagues Raja also can't stand for it, request some from me, ngek ngek ngek~

I like reading, that's why i always get ready magazine, paper and book in car.

Today i have newsweek with my Village Fried Rice

People touch and go here for food and toilet

Saturday, May 19, 2012

June is coming-hows your 2012 to-do-list progress

Jinger bell jinger bell~~ jinger ring the bell~~

haha, just a joke, Christmas haven't reach, now we are coming to June "ONLY"

But, it's the time for us to review back our "to-do" list, cross check which item left out, zero progress.

Ok, i start evaluate myself first;

  • Write diary (frequently wrote things happen in my life at my blog)
  • Blog post up to 100 for this year ( 30 posts done, still 70 to go=.=)
  • Finish 50 books at least ( 2 books done, still 48 to go=.=)
  • Ultimate $ saving plan ( Work it out silently.. hehe^^)
  • Be an intelligent engineer instead of "cow eng"/ Anjing-Liar ( 50/50, still barking like dog=.= should talk less)
  • Do constant sport activity, be healthy, live healthy ( Successfully maintain jog and swim every week)
  • Change a little bit in lifestyle to be GREEN ( No more simply throw rubbish elsewhere, and clean apartment time to time)

Kevin wanted to be the "ONE"

Living in healthy
Fight for the glory

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cute boy struggling to get a hug- really OMG=.=

haha, the boy is so cute, and aggressive.
I think the boy got Man City EPL champion 2011-12 fighting spirit inside his heart.
Because he just never know to give up man~~

Check it out the video;

Monday, May 14, 2012

Manchester City WON 3-2 Queens Park Rangers become EPL 2011-12 CHAMPION!!

Do you have any idea how excited i am, no one can imagine how the 2 last goals been done.
I am just like, shout for hell, jump like monkey, and open my eye stare on TV frozen.
They are brilliant, awesome and COOL~~~

Early of the second half, when Joey Barton (Queens Park Rangers) is shown the red card for fighting, i thought that this game going to finish soon.
Because no one can survive with 10man versus Man City full tune power right?
But end up, QPR score for second goal by Jamie Mackie (Queens Park Rangers) header from the centre of the box to the high centre of the goal.

You know what's my feeling that time? i just like.. OMG, Man City lousy man~~~~

The game was Man C 1: 2 QPR... (hopeless for champion=.=)

But, miracle happen after 90 mins , can u imagine that? 5 minutes extra time left, what you can do in 5 mins? brew one cup of coffee? post a status in facebook?
MAN CITY could score two GOALS in 5 minutes!!

2:2: Edin Dzeko (Manchester City) header from very close range to the centre of the goal.
3:3 :Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) right footed shot from the centre of the box to the bottom right corner.
omg, aguero, u r just cool

damn excited~!

Malaysia AirAsia tycoon tony fernandes shake hand with Man city boss

satisfied clap

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad public transportation experience

Last 2 weeks, i went for a ride from Station KTM telok gadong to KL sentral.
Did u guys can imagine how long it taken? for me to reach KL sentral?
There was god damn 2 hours plus!!!!
I cant imagine what KTM management did for this 9 years.
They all just sitting in office and do nothing for improvement?

I don't care what's the reason for the slow, troublesome and sick komuter train travel. They never have QA/QC official go on ground, check for the trouble and solve it?

I remembered 9 years ago, the KTM taken me 2 hours travel from port klang to seremban.
Now they need 2 hours from telok gadong to KL sentral? I am frustrated to it.

The KTM look on the 1st day

End of the day


please~~ if u r FORCE to use KTM, pls arrange yourself for early schedule and got sufficient "buffer time" for the NORMAL KTM DELAY.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Why Malaysians Unmarried?

Recently there are a survey fourth Malaysian Population and Family Survey, given us several answer for the above questions.
Quite interesting, check it out;

Source: thestar paper

I personally agree that Unmarried Men mostly caused by Financial Problems, this is a Men common mindset and responsible attitude. How you take care your family with insufficient financial income situation ?
For a man, with constant income ( low or high), should affordable to marry and enjoy happy family life in terms of, he doesn't have a bad habit.
What kind of habit is bad? i think smoking, drinking alcohol, play-boy and gamble.

So, i am here advice all the guy, away from bad habit, for your bright future.

Take care~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I borrow the book synopsis, index from Sin Chew web;政治寓言-丁贤说故事





凱林拉斯蘭(Karim Raslan)回應:


  • 輯一:我有錯嗎?我錯在哪裡?
  • 輯二:豬不可能變小鳥
  • 輯三:大選灌籃




Yesterday i done reading this book, 政治寓言.
It is good, fantastic.
I like the way writer talk about Malaysia politic, economic, environment, education and story.
From his book,we read unique perspective, and start think something from different view.
His writing is easy to understanding and digest as well, i always trap in the Midst when reading certain politician book because there are so many terms, peoples, and issues that i have no an idea at all.
Thank you 鄭丁賢, SinChewDaily for the book. Thanks

Next book i going to read is "Hudud in Malaysia", will be an interesting book right?
Check it out!

Monday, May 7, 2012

My pet

This century, people use to have a pet, or own it before.
I have a turtle as my pet, for a long time, since my Pre-PMR exam.
My first meet with turtle was in the drainage outside my old house at Pandamaran.
Me, cousins and neighbour are crazy for that, we decided to catch him.^^
He join in my family for 12 years already, i am glad we did catch it up on that moment. haha

He is living healthy, happy and enjoy in my house.
Under Top Level Care from my parent and joey. (thanks for the effort)


Discussion is always better than argument

R u agree with that?

Not matter in house, school, and workplace, there is no point for us to standing there and argue with someone else, just to find out WHO is Right!

In better way, if we are spending time to discuss and find out right solution (or Win-Win), the problem will be solve and we can proceed to others problem very fast. (ya ya~ we human always go for problem solving, after this done then go for another one=,=)

Remember, Discussion > Argument


Sunday, May 6, 2012

My room at Sabah

I never have much time to spending in KK before April, me and colleagues travel around Sabah for the project primary survey.
But, after mid of April, we are done with the survey and start busy for warehouse and new rent terrace house renovation. So, i got a chance to stay and work in KK for few weeks.
This few weeks, i drive a lot in KK and start catch up with life here.

View from my room window
Nice? not bad huh

My territory
both of the bed are belongs me now (coz my roommate izzu move out ady)

I not sure how long will be, for the stable, harmony lifestyle now.
Not matter how, i will enjoy the moment, and get ready for the next challenge.


First run in Sabah

Since i came to Sabah on 12th Feb 2012, i always want to run.
No matter where, stadium, road side, car park, housing area, beach, and coastal road.
I feel that casual run can help us understanding our place better.
I always be relax mood in sport, and dislike put tension on it. For me, consistency on sport is much more important and efficient than "ultra extreme" for a "short" period. 
Consistent sport activity can improve our healthy (of course), and enhance our physical capability.

All right, today is the first run day.
I wish i can explore more at my current place through more running in future.

Friday, May 4, 2012

The night i back to West Malaysia@2012-04-26

Since 12th Feb, i missing home everyday (especially Bak Ku Teh, and of coz Hooi also), haha

Everyone Q up to go on plane

Airasia- Make ur dream come true
2way ticket to West malaysia in Rm 200, amazing price to allow us go back hometown. Cool

Finished read my Tick Tock novel on plane, still far away from my target 100 books. haha.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sabah Office Scandal

Sometimes, A  group of West Malaysia guys sent to East for work, they will become a little bit abnormal and doing funny things. 
Discussing Battleship strategic plan in Office meeting room?!!

Do something sneaky?

Found "Candy Camera"??  

Oh yeah~ here you go, that is my Sabah working life. haha