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Saturday, May 19, 2012

June is coming-hows your 2012 to-do-list progress

Jinger bell jinger bell~~ jinger ring the bell~~

haha, just a joke, Christmas haven't reach, now we are coming to June "ONLY"

But, it's the time for us to review back our "to-do" list, cross check which item left out, zero progress.

Ok, i start evaluate myself first;

  • Write diary (frequently wrote things happen in my life at my blog)
  • Blog post up to 100 for this year ( 30 posts done, still 70 to go=.=)
  • Finish 50 books at least ( 2 books done, still 48 to go=.=)
  • Ultimate $ saving plan ( Work it out silently.. hehe^^)
  • Be an intelligent engineer instead of "cow eng"/ Anjing-Liar ( 50/50, still barking like dog=.= should talk less)
  • Do constant sport activity, be healthy, live healthy ( Successfully maintain jog and swim every week)
  • Change a little bit in lifestyle to be GREEN ( No more simply throw rubbish elsewhere, and clean apartment time to time)

Kevin wanted to be the "ONE"

Living in healthy
Fight for the glory

1 comment:

  1. truly is self evaluate....
    eh, u miss our ur DEAR & Family in the list above le.... lol