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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

On the way going Birthday Dinner

Oh My God~~
The road is so jam=.=
i going for my dinner le

sienz dao

gao lat liao lar

my fren is waiting le

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Majlis Sukan Malaysia(MSM) & Stadium Bukit Jalil

Participate in any Super concert at Stadium Bukit Jalil before?
Sighted the BIG "MSN" sign beside Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil?

oh yes, here is the MSN football and hockey field.
And also some Stadium Bukit Jalil photos too.

I post up this photos at here,
just to sharing with you guys,
A different angle to look at MSN and our National Stadium.

Football field


MSN inside look

far there, u k see stadium bukit jalil

Ya, stadium bukit jalil. the places held N numbers Big Concert

Monday, November 15, 2010

Petaling Street

yes, i taken few Petaling street photo from building rooftop

Post up here, to share with u guys.
(Uhm, i believe not much ppl got chance look at Petaling street from top side right)

Here u go

The heaven of... Pirate.

Dilarang menjual VCD/DVD cetak rompak

From rooftop

nice curve shape huh, and u k found, A walking platform on the street roof.

Why i am there?
ya, i am on a building site roof top.

Wash my car

Oh ya, i do like wash the car myself
I like my car, i love it (Actually, just want to save the RM 7 only)
Here just sharing my life with u guys only.

My car, BEP 1984

Oh yeah, Shooting my car with water gun (have fun with it)

I using this Economy Pack. (again, ntg special, Money is main consideration point)

Nice body .. With Fat-.-

Who, who taking my photo? (must be joey)

En en, have to wash this also

After bath

Have some ah.. Sunbathe@@

ok. have a nice day^^

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Birthday 10.11.10


Make A Wish
I will like to share some photos here with you all^^
espeacially Sin Hooi
I am happy to have you walk into my life
Back To
Birthday Cake
(For hooi mum , i copy paste, haha)

Glory Beach Resort

Sheep Sheep huh~~
(she like this a lot)
i simply draw nia
haha, see how she smile
When we are at The Shephardoo, Centro Klang

Har? wan me quiet huh?

haha, acting~~

Hooi acting too~~

We are attending Hooi brother ROM


After praying, we walk together

Rest together
(say thanks to our photographer, Seok Hooi)

En? keep on take my picture ah?

Lei Chai: sheep~~
hooi: en~~? sheep sheep~~~


Cute, handsome
(STOP vomit plss)

My sister, joanne wedding

Here she is@@

Sin Hooi mother birthday celebration ^>^
happy birthday

Thumbs up@@

Sakae sushi huh

We together at KLCC

Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Dinner 07/11/2010

~Family Dinner~


Cook and prepare


My Parents

Oh no~~ Nice Menu

招牌 Fried Egg

McHome Burger Meat

(Cook with honey as ingrediant, thats why it looks like burn off)

McHome Nurget

(frankly say, much more delicious than McD nurget)

McHome Chili source

Potato leaf?

(not sure am i name it correctly)

Funny, when we are taking our own rice

Joey here.
(i guess she is hungry)

har? JOEY paisei ah?

keep on hiding~~ funny girl

~Be enjoy every meal together with your family~