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Monday, November 8, 2010

New IT accesories ^.^

Gadget World
King Of Sleeper

Date: 08/11/2010
Venue: Mines Shopping Fair
Ho Ho Ho~~ i am there tonight, i have pass by Mines resort city for
thousand times. But i never have to times to "Snake In" and shopping inside.
Tonight, i cant be wait anymore, i TAKE ACTION, haha.
oh yeah~~ we always need to take the first step for our succesful future.
Actually, i am just here to buy keyboard proctetor for my "Company labtop" only.
what? huh? apa ini? "甚么"?
(Everyone asking)
Why this "So--Hai" buy a keyboard protector for.. COMPANY LABTOP?
yeah.. ok.. i agree. i am a bit.. dunno.
I just cannot sit there and see the keyboard full wit dust..
ok. This is not my style..

Here u go, first item i bought
Dtech keyboard protector
RM 8.00 (B4 discount: RM 9.00)
Shop: Gadget World Sdn Bhd
L4-23B, lvl 4, Mines shopping Fair
USB Key Pad
RM 24.00 (B4 discount: Rm 27.00)

Vztec LCD Screen Cleaning Kit
RM 7.00

Key pad and cleaning kit, i bought from same shop.
Shop: QA Computer Sdn Bhd
Lot L4.31, 4th floor, Mines shopping Fair.
Remark: actually you can ask for discount at the shops there, be brave,
just one quate " k discount boh? if discount , i buy"
Mostly, you can get discount, RM 1 or more. haha
ok.. Just a Sharing here.
Nice day Everyone@@


  1. my lao gong really good in take care of his thing =D

    Even it is company laptop, but lao gong still very take care of it *thumbs up*

  2. thumbs up huh.

    i will take care u much much also. hee hee

  3. ♥ you much much!!! (^*^) muack!

  4. sheep, u check all my post comment ah?