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Monday, November 8, 2010

Family Dinner 07/11/2010

~Family Dinner~


Cook and prepare


My Parents

Oh no~~ Nice Menu

招牌 Fried Egg

McHome Burger Meat

(Cook with honey as ingrediant, thats why it looks like burn off)

McHome Nurget

(frankly say, much more delicious than McD nurget)

McHome Chili source

Potato leaf?

(not sure am i name it correctly)

Funny, when we are taking our own rice

Joey here.
(i guess she is hungry)

har? JOEY paisei ah?

keep on hiding~~ funny girl

~Be enjoy every meal together with your family~


  1. I miss your home cook dish!!!

    Especially the ring long bell soup! =P

    Miss til max!!! Very delicious and yummy!!

    I really tasted so many nice food from your home =D *Thumbs up for your parent*

  2. hahaha~~~ u tasted mny meh?
    there are just 5% of my father Menu.
    future still have 95% waiting u to explore.

    hee hee hee~~~

  3. I will explode another 95% soon =P

  4. u tot u eat here every nite ah.. wat so soon