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Monday, November 15, 2010

Petaling Street

yes, i taken few Petaling street photo from building rooftop

Post up here, to share with u guys.
(Uhm, i believe not much ppl got chance look at Petaling street from top side right)

Here u go

The heaven of... Pirate.

Dilarang menjual VCD/DVD cetak rompak

From rooftop

nice curve shape huh, and u k found, A walking platform on the street roof.

Why i am there?
ya, i am on a building site roof top.


  1. Now I only realized that Petaling Street has such a nice roof top!!!

    When the government built the roof top there? or am I so outdated?

  2. u r outdated i guess.
    the rooftop was there for few years liao. haha

  3. But I think not much people concern about that =P

  4. har? lot lot lot ppl concern about it le,

    without this roof cover, the petaling street cant do business while raining.

  5. May I know how does the roof works? What is the type of glass used? is it tinted glass or laminated glass? What about the detailing? Im doing a research on this glass turucture. I hope you can help me a little. thank you!

  6. Creamputf@ i am sorry that i cant answer you, because i am just pass by and take a few photo from top view only.

    Anyway, if you are intend to get the detail info, i believe you can travel to there anytime, coz you are located at Selayang, not far. haha