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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My pose.. Just like a Model

Oh yeah~~
There some ppl request to see my crazy pose again.
^^Here You Go^^

OMG~~ i am acting cool there@@
Closer view (arrrrrr...... ppl vomiting*)
I feel good~~

What is my senior doing behind me?
He is PP there?
OMG... i am posing here for magazine.(everyone wondering.. what magazine is that)
He Peepee there?


  1. I wonder who help you take the photo? timer?

  2. the time got one Smart Malay trainee that follow us for 2 weeks, u rmbr? he is the one take pic for me. haha

  3. ooooo...... force people help you take this kind of picture.... he sure 'am chio' (dark smile) you, hahaahaha!!