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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Posing on MAZDA car ^.@

Proudly Present
-=King Of Sleeper=-

Just jump down from the
Cat ladder
wat u look at huh?
I am SSSSSMO~~~~King

Why u stand so far?
Scare ah?
I wont blame u (most of the guy are afraid to me)

I AM ssssMOKING!!!

p/s: I AM SMOKING = is a famous quote by MOVIE "THE MASK" hero. haha
Actually, i do ask permission from the Car Workshop owner then only dare to climb up PPL car geh. (The car was abandoned there) .
Me and my partner need to climb on the car, then only can reach our cat ladder.
haha.. just a sharing here with u guys^^
i always doing some crazy work in my daily working life.. just to help input some entertainment. otherwise, we tired die very soon, our work very tough and hard.
At site, we need climb all those cat ladder, roof , washroom, balcony, parapet wall and cross all those barrier to reach our structure.
At office, we need do our report in detail, clear and easy understanding format for our HOD view and comment.
So, good luck to myself.
good luck to everyone!!


  1. Beginning of your post really makes me get shocked, I thought you really so DARE to stand on other people car and took a lot of picture (add up the car condition look likes kinda ok)

    After finished read your post then only realized because of wanna climb up the cat ladder......LOL HAHAHAHAHA....

    Next time I will dare you to stand on other people car for the 'dare game'..... since you already have the experience =P

  2. ok lo, u dare me stand on ur father car lor~~

  3. time to jumb to telco industry^^