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Monday, June 18, 2012

First blood in my fishing life

Sunny Sunday
We Sabah CME team departure for fishing mission.
This time, we are different, we are united and ready for all sort of challenges.

I just wish to lost my "fishing virgin" this time, haha, because i still got ZERO result after few times fishing.

Reach the Farhan's Farm

Federick always the one first blood, but not this time.
Ah fatt get this fish
Federick, Fatt and Lee Chee Fong got their big fish too.  haha

Omg! i got my 1st fish at last!
Then, my 2nd fish, a BIG one!
oh no.. so happy

haha, at last, i got my 1st fish, and also a BIG fish in fishing adventure. Bravo~~
Frankly say, the fish is so delicious to eat. cant forget the moment huh~

Friday, June 15, 2012

New car get BANG in 1st Service. SAD

So sad, happily send the car for 1st service, but got this innocent bang in the center.
Luckily the one bang my car is the Center's executive, so easily can fix it well back without charges.


Cham~ the moment i walk into center, the car still ok
The moment make payment, service assistant inform that my car get into accident.=.=

This is the car!!

Wish the car recover back to original cool look.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Departure to Kudat on 5AM

We always need to be ready before action.
So, i go refill my fuel tank to full at the night before departure.

Early morning 4am wake up, and departure sharp on 5am.
My partner, Raja sleep tight beside me while i am driving.

u see, the car is so NEW!!

Sometimes, it's good to drive at early morning, enjoy the fresh and cool air. haha