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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Happy to know you are running ^^

Dear Devella,

Great to read your sms, telling me you went out for jogging on early morning.
Kingofsleeper wish to congratulate and support you for keep doing this constantly for your entire life.
Jia you!

 Remember, it's just a mile.


Friday, July 20, 2012

Everyday is a good day, when you run

I want to run, keep running.
For any reason, healthy, stylish, momentum and discipline life.

Dear everyone, enjoy your running.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

QPR beat Sabah Selection 5-0 to kick off ASIAN tour in style

This is my first time to watch football match in live, in the stadium.
The phenomenon is cool, and temperature high. You seldom got a chance shouting together with 25000 people else, but here you can achieve this objective.
About the match, i can't say i am enjoy it because the performance is bad. Sabah Selection obviously can't compete with QPR at all, so overall the match is boring and sleepy due to huge difference in professional football level.
Not matter how, i still will try to buy a ticket watch local League Match, maybe it will be much more interesting because they are compete in the same level. 

Check it out the both team line up;

First-half: Brian Murphy, Max Ehmer, Clint Hill, Anton Ferdinand, Michael Harriman, Michael Doughty, Park Ji-sung, Samba Diakite, Shaun Wright-Philipis, Bobby Zamora, Andy Johnson.

Second-half: Radek Cerny, Fabio Da Silva, Nedum Onuoha, Matthew Connolly, Armand Traore, Jamie Mackie, Adel Taarabt, Hogan Ephraim, Jay Bothroyd, Djibril Cisse, Heidar Helguson.

Irwan Jamil, Baihakki Khaiza, Robbie Gaspar, Pritam Singh, Octavianus Maniani,Tipus John, Nazrul Erwan, Ridi Arizal, Mafray Balang, Sabri Sahar, Bobby Gonzales.

QPR! i am coming!

Check In AirAsia-QPR booth

Awaiting the kick-off

Substitution team

From 0-1 , develop until 0-5=.=
Bobby Zamora 8"
Heider Helguson 63"
Jay Bothroyd 69"
Djibril Cisse 73" and 81"

Nothing to say

Free Gift from AirAsia booth after we key in personal details, lolx.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sometimes, i could spent a morning for this

Last Saturday, 14/07/2012

A very nice day, a working day that we doesn't need to work, how nice is that.
So, we plan some activity for killing the time, the answer will be fishing.

Early morning 6am i am wake up, and do preparation. Me and Frank meet Fadali on 7am, then we straight proceed to LIDO morning market to purchase our "little fish" and "sotong".

We drive around 30-40 minutes from KK to a river beside Jalan Papar-Kimanis, the place not bad.

Failed to catch any fish back, never mind, at least we know one more fishing spot for our future. hehe. This is how my Saturday morning spent. oh yeah