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Thursday, April 28, 2011

What a Surprise black-out dinner at home

ho ho ho~~

past Sunday, 24/04/2011

I am playing my travian online web-game (addicted with it recently)

6pm something, my mum call me to dinner.

all rite, i smell delicious food. wat is that i am wondering~~

Lets check it out

Wah!!! Tomato fish ah~~ nice to eat it together with rice

Turtle bean.. haha. i dunno what it is call, so, i call it turtle bean

haha, nice chicken meat nurget

Over view

Some1 showing Chinese Kung fu there

Pop!! wah..
my mum just pop out like dis.
Omg~~ izit she is the one... legendary kung fu Master ???

ooo.. no lar no lar.. just wan to have a photo shoot with me only

Making chinese tea there. hehe


After all this happy, and hungry photo shooting,

i walk back into my bed room, to keep well my digital camera,

then hoh, suddenly hoh.

the light ah, electric ah, everything ah.. also black out oo..

haha, my sister, Ai Teng, she is sleeping at up stair, also come down to check wat happen.

conclusion, is TNB sub station problem. so.

wat k we do?

Call 15454 lar!!

or do as wat NAMEWEE do, go TNB there F them? haha

i doesnt have the talent, so.. just eat with family under a romantic environment


First time if no mistaken, i facing black out in this house

Romantic huh

TNB crew work until morning to fix it (but we already have the electricity early at 8pm)




Not lar! just black out only. haha

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The ROOMMATE Special Screening 18th April 2011

The Special Screening of


Venue: GSC 1 Utama
Date: 18th April 2011 (Monday)
Time: 9.00pm
Hall: 6
Seat: G 14, 13 ( the seat i get)

Thousand thanks to Nuffnang and Sony Pictures for the pair of tickets!!!

thank you thank you!!

The tickets (join blogging, join Nuffnang, then u k always stand a chance to win Movie Premiere Screening ticket)

Oh yes, i like this the most!! the Badge!!

Some1 posing there, see it? handsome guy ya

ya.. Q up and wait ur turn pls.

Checking ur identity

All Rite! lets have a look on The Roommate Synopsis and trailer ( Source from Nuffnang)


A psychological thriller about a deranged college freshman (Leighton Meester) who becomes obsessed with her new roommate (Minka Kelly).

My View;

The Roommate is a great story movie, i am enjoy watching it too.

A roommate obsessed on u?? !! Oh no~~

pls lar~~ i not wan my roommate obsessed me( if it is a GUY?)

but, if my roommate is Leighton Meester, the psychological girl, all rite.. i am ACCEPTED IT!!

Why Not? haha! She is beautiful, and helping me clear all the blockage in my life. very cool right?


Sunday, April 10, 2011

100th post !!!

Time flies like a G6!!! Like a G6!! na na na le na!!!

lolx, after few months of the effort, at last I am reaching 100th POST!

Cheer! well done!! good job man!!

Here I am with the "100 pose" too!

Another one "100 pose"


happy for the achievement
hoping and waiting for my 200nd post ya!!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ipod touch 4th Gen SPECK Case

Aiya~~ i just bought a new shirt for my Ipod last month 18 March^^

Here simply post up some photo as record and blog post. wuhaha

The packing

Candy Shell? (tak ada candy pun~~)

Made in taiwan??? (packing in taiwan only gua)

back view

Inside view. (this case got double layer, inside was soft rubber)

Yup, not doubt, we have to study the instruction before using a product right?

Here u go..(bla bla bla... read ba)

Good sold for RM 118=.=

Pls come again!! bye!