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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ipod touch 4th Gen SPECK Case

Aiya~~ i just bought a new shirt for my Ipod last month 18 March^^

Here simply post up some photo as record and blog post. wuhaha

The packing

Candy Shell? (tak ada candy pun~~)

Made in taiwan??? (packing in taiwan only gua)

back view

Inside view. (this case got double layer, inside was soft rubber)

Yup, not doubt, we have to study the instruction before using a product right?

Here u go..(bla bla bla... read ba)

Good sold for RM 118=.=

Pls come again!! bye!


  1. hahahahhahaha......... case also can be posted in your blog haahahah

  2. lao poh bad bad.. laugh lao gong=.= huhuhu

    i wan post everything in blog ma.. nx time, k refer back ma. hee hee

  3. I didn't laugh at you la, muack!

  4. both of u commenting on the blog r cute la^^ hehehhe.... :D

  5. khai hui really supportive lar... everyday also got click my ads ah?

  6. beside case mate..i prefer Incipio or otterbox cases..which protects all side of my phone and best part it absorb the impact when the phone drops..bought cheap at this website