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Friday, June 25, 2010

A poor day- Version 2

Helo everyone,

here u go, is my "a poor day" continue story.

few of my friends asking me , what happen on me after that. they all feel "kan jiong" for me too, coz they know my boss. they know him, then they feel worried for me too.

but hoh, u all ya, really no enuf concentrate and sharp.. i told earlier at the post that bad start, nice end ma.


ok lar.

the day is like this;

after the Boss say wan meet us (me and my partner), then we fast fast finish the 1st site, and departure to the 2nd site and get ready everything first.

waiting my boss~~

time pass, tick dok tick dok~~ seconds pass.

ok, at last my boss was arrived. he walk very fast, and smiling..( huh, walk and smile with himself???)

i think i am dead ady, coz he is so good mood, we come spoil it, really k die standing one.

he meet us, and we lead him go to the site roof top, the site is a hotel, name "comfort hotel"
we really praying he is comfort now, haha.

we slowly go up, and then.

he ask us ; " how u both, everything ok?"
my partner; " not ok lar boss, dunno how to tell u"
boss; " har, what happen? is about work or personal?"
my partner, " is about work"
boss. " is our QAQC here done wrong or site ppl done a big mistake?"

then hoh, we reach roof top jor, Boss ask us wait, he want go toilet.

me take out the broke ultrasonice gauge meter, and put there, waiting him.

he finish pee-pee, and come, ok, here is the ending of story, we show him.

he say ;" what to do, have to change one"

the he straight away call to account dept , and request one more set for us ooo..

and we are ntg.. he treat us eat lunch also..

wow wow wow..

he is that good? now only i knw.


thanks GOD


The cookie is so Cute~~

wow~~ get this cookies from a person, the cookie is so so so cute.

i wondering why she making a turtle. Maybe she want find a life-long partner for my turtle pet at home. haha, but this turtle is too cute lar, i wont so generous to let go "her", haha, i wan her to be mine also.

See "her" leg, so short, haha, and without nail.

she is walk on my keyboard?

wow wow~~ she come down liao~~
Just simply a sharing with u all, haha^>^

Monday, June 21, 2010

"lepak" at KLCC

Hey everyone, i am here updated some news about my personal life 1st.

b4 start it, i will like to inform u guys, the story "my poor day" is to be continue, haha, so pls wait for it patient.

Date :13-06-2010
Venue: KLCC, Klang central cafe.
Time: Morning until Night.

Start early of morning, my activity was started.

Same as every Sunday, my morning will start with my delicious Bak Ku Teh first, ha, i very enjoying to have BKT as breakfast with my parents, and we are chatting, drink the chinese tea, read newspaper. Oh no, you cant imagine it was how relax we are there. haha.

ok, dont worry, i will write a post about my beloved bak ku teh next time, i will provide the GPS coor, and pic for you guys as reference.

After bkt, i have a rest, i am going to Sin Hooi house, wait her, to bring her and Sin Mei to go KLCC.

Sin Mei is going KLCC for work, me and Sin Hooi are going there for our date. haha, totally diff mood. (Paisei de neh Sin Mei~~~)

After we accompany and sent Sin Mei to her working place, me and SH leaving and search for our lunch. KLCC there have lot of choice to have your lunch. At last , we are decide to go for Sakae Sushi, coz there have "free flow" green tea, hahaha, me and her can sit there, have a long long chatting. nice.~~

we ate lot of nice food here, and have a pieceful tea time too. Nice. ^^

After the lovely sakae sushi date, we go to Kinokuniya Lepak, and wait for Sin Mei. she still working=.= hey, remind u all, that day is Sunday.

ok, after the tiring day, we decide to bring Sin Mei to go have a nice dinner at Klang Centra Cafe, and serve her some beer, make her mabuk and nice to go slp at nite. haha.

don nd to say thanks to me ya, Sin Mei~~

nice date, we plan again , SH^>^

all right,

pls support my post,

and wait for my new post,

thanks everyone.


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poor Day Story- To Be Continue

Helo all my fans!! ( Did i have a fan?) haha.

the story about my poor day is to be continue , i will finish it while i am free to write.

anyone interested to knw what happen on me and my partner?

haha, keep tune ON.

thank you


Thursday, June 17, 2010

A poor day

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Poor start, Nice end.

Early morning, i start the preparation work in office first.

i need to prepare my measurement tools, equipment, checklist, GPS, camera, name list and letter.

At last, 915am, i am departure to Site with my Partner.

ok, no bad, we reach on site on 940am, facing some minor obstract when getting access to the building Roof Top. Finally i am make it, we are success on Top.
1st thing, we were walk around at roof, and observe the condition and location. No big issue here, just some minor defect found by our SHARP eyes ( haha).

all right, the climaks is come. my Partner take out the checklist and prepare to do recording, while i am taking out the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter out from my bag, and then....
i open up the Box, after that, i am looking on my Gauge meter, i turn my eye to look at my Partner, then come back to the GAUGE METER... OMG...

what is Going ON, how come, why will be like this... how does it happen.

u want to knw what happen?
ok, i will tell u... i am telling it now.

my Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter, the crack, a nice crack... causing it cannot display any figure on screen clearly ady. i am dead. i dunno how to tell my boss, what reasons should i give.
If i tell him, the thing is just broke "like this", without any reason, he will FXXK me upside down.

my partner also starting panic.

i am panic.

we both... are panic.

me look at him, he look at me..

we both still at the roof top.

ok ok, all right, we both decided, we finish this site, then we will go KL oriental plaza (my HQ), go meet my boss (QAQC head of dept)

tell him
show him
and wait him (wait him FXXK me, dunno from back or front=.=)

but hoh, after we decided what to do hoh, in 5 minutes hoh, my BOSS IS PHONE CALLING US!!!!!!!!!!!!

GG liao lar .

the tele conversation;

Boss: where u both snake-ing now?
Partner: morning boss, we are now at nearby Kota Kemuning, on site ady, where got snake.
Boss: hek hek hek~~~ ya ka, wan treat me eat at klang ah?
Partner: haha, u wan come?
Boss: ya, i am now at Shah Alam, give me the next site coordinate, i come meet u two.
Partner: ok, later i ask little cow (my nick name given by boss) sms u the coor.
BOss: ok!
Partner: wait wait, boss, later we got something to discuss with u.
Boss: ok ok, tell me when we meet.


we both standing there. Wondering, how come our Boss will so luck one (he always appear at the place where ppl just done mistake, wrong or fault, maybe coz he is QAQC master)

so that is..

what happen when we meet up him? what he done on me?

aiks. nx post only tell u.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

2nd day of WORLD CUP

1) Korea Vs Greece

2) Argentina Vs Nigeria

3) Eng Vs Usa

i will post up the result after the match finish.

Wish u all enjoy watching the football match.


France Vs Uruguay 0-0


Uruguay holds France to draw in opener.

Nice, seems like France still facing the same problem as 1998, the crisis of confidence that affected their performance.

Uruguay, have title at 1930 and 1950, today they trying to show to world that they are good soccer still.

France seems like controled the match, but they keep on missing the last bite.. dunno what happen with them. hope they k handle this at the nx match.

a bit disspointed to France.


Day 1 At The World Cup

South Africa Vs Mexico

1 - 1

Day 1 at the world cup

After the 4 years of waiting, the greatest , biggest sporting event on earth is finally here as Day 1 at the World Cup is in the books.

Cheers Up!!



Friday, June 11, 2010

First match of world cup South Africa Vs Mexico

All Football FANS!!!!!!

hey, 2nite the game is start, the fever is getting higher, the MOOD IS GETTING UP!!!

Everyone must get ready ur seat, drink, snack, girl-boy and the most important~~ which is>>> your TV of cozzzzz...

For the 1st match, i predict South Africa won 2-0, and 2nd match , France will be draw maybe.

no matter how, i hope all of you are enjoy your world cup night and weekend.

Wish every1 win win WIN!!

Tan Lei Chai

Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup

World Cup Fever

This year, 2010, South Africa World Cup Event, has been cook to MAX temperature.

Everyone are crazy for that.

Our lovely Government, no longer before, has been annouced that a license approved to Berjaya Group. Berjaya Group CEO annouced that they will start operating the Sport Gambling at 200++ of their SportToto Branch, sound cool and nice.

This week, our lovely Prime Minister, saying that no license is issued yet, still under consideration.


My head is full with question mark, what is this? why no one saying this out when wrong info spread all around the world.

Why after months going, only they come out to clarify there is no such thing.

  • Do you knw how much the public money burn in the share?

  • Do you knw how many persons are start getting ready for the bet? (haha)

  • Do you knw how far the influence of this to our Government image? ( no eye see)

  • i dont think anyone from the government servant knw all of this. (Bcoz, TAK APA MAH)

Nice, cheer and clap for our lovely goverment.

Thank you,



Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sleepy Raining Day

Ho ho ho~~ raining day again.

When raining come, that is a common syndrom to everyone,on earth.

Which is====> Sleepy.

haha, am i right?

I wish to have a nice sleep tonight too.

Wishing everyone , enjoy your raining day and night.

Have a nice day,


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nice Monday Night

Dear All,

Monday, most of the working people,will feel blur,sleepy,dizzy and headache.

We call it "Monday Blue".

Early morning of monday, i feel sleepy too, i slept late on sunday night due to some homework. haha.

Due to lot of lazy reason, i wish to go back home earlier, therefore, i back on 7pm (i start work on 8am), can go back on 7pm consider is early for me.

After dinner and bath, i phone call chat with my gf. then i straight away fall sleep (i really like to sleep, haha)

i woke up around 4am, 6am, 630am ..

At last, i woke up and bath is 7am. haha

ok lar, i wan go out to work . bye



Sunday, June 6, 2010

King Of Sleeper

A king that sleeping all the time.

Dear All,

Welcome to my blog, so, a little bit intro about myself are important here.

i am someone that arr... like to sleep after work, no doubt, everyone are getting tired after work, especially for those work in construction field as me. ha^>^

A night with one bottle of Heineken, a book, sofa and Nice songs. Is a desireable & peaceful night for me. I k spend whole night for reading only, that is cool.

Sunday, i rest on Sunday only. My company policy, mon-sat are full day working. Sunday, can go Popular bookstore hunt for some new books^>^

i think, a simple introduction is enough. Therefore , i stop here.

wish everyone happy sleeping all the time.