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Sunday, June 6, 2010

King Of Sleeper

A king that sleeping all the time.

Dear All,

Welcome to my blog, so, a little bit intro about myself are important here.

i am someone that arr... like to sleep after work, no doubt, everyone are getting tired after work, especially for those work in construction field as me. ha^>^

A night with one bottle of Heineken, a book, sofa and Nice songs. Is a desireable & peaceful night for me. I k spend whole night for reading only, that is cool.

Sunday, i rest on Sunday only. My company policy, mon-sat are full day working. Sunday, can go Popular bookstore hunt for some new books^>^

i think, a simple introduction is enough. Therefore , i stop here.

wish everyone happy sleeping all the time.



  1. Finally you have your own blog. *cheers*

    Welcome enter the blogger world!!

    I like your 1st post, aha so cute ^^

  2. Yeah, u be the 1st follower, 1st commentator.

    thank you so much.