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Monday, June 21, 2010

"lepak" at KLCC

Hey everyone, i am here updated some news about my personal life 1st.

b4 start it, i will like to inform u guys, the story "my poor day" is to be continue, haha, so pls wait for it patient.

Date :13-06-2010
Venue: KLCC, Klang central cafe.
Time: Morning until Night.

Start early of morning, my activity was started.

Same as every Sunday, my morning will start with my delicious Bak Ku Teh first, ha, i very enjoying to have BKT as breakfast with my parents, and we are chatting, drink the chinese tea, read newspaper. Oh no, you cant imagine it was how relax we are there. haha.

ok, dont worry, i will write a post about my beloved bak ku teh next time, i will provide the GPS coor, and pic for you guys as reference.

After bkt, i have a rest, i am going to Sin Hooi house, wait her, to bring her and Sin Mei to go KLCC.

Sin Mei is going KLCC for work, me and Sin Hooi are going there for our date. haha, totally diff mood. (Paisei de neh Sin Mei~~~)

After we accompany and sent Sin Mei to her working place, me and SH leaving and search for our lunch. KLCC there have lot of choice to have your lunch. At last , we are decide to go for Sakae Sushi, coz there have "free flow" green tea, hahaha, me and her can sit there, have a long long chatting. nice.~~

we ate lot of nice food here, and have a pieceful tea time too. Nice. ^^

After the lovely sakae sushi date, we go to Kinokuniya Lepak, and wait for Sin Mei. she still working=.= hey, remind u all, that day is Sunday.

ok, after the tiring day, we decide to bring Sin Mei to go have a nice dinner at Klang Centra Cafe, and serve her some beer, make her mabuk and nice to go slp at nite. haha.

don nd to say thanks to me ya, Sin Mei~~

nice date, we plan again , SH^>^

all right,

pls support my post,

and wait for my new post,

thanks everyone.



  1. Awww.......Love your post til max!!!

    I agree that we really do have the nice date all the time *sweet sweet*

    Miss the time when we spend in Sakae Sushi ^u^ and you're such a great photographer, hehehehe.

    Hope that we can have the even more interesting date soon.

    Looking forward for our next wonderful date =D

  2. heh~kevin~u go the korea food at where oh?

  3. is japanese food gua?

    is sakae sushi, at KLCC.