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Friday, June 25, 2010

A poor day- Version 2

Helo everyone,

here u go, is my "a poor day" continue story.

few of my friends asking me , what happen on me after that. they all feel "kan jiong" for me too, coz they know my boss. they know him, then they feel worried for me too.

but hoh, u all ya, really no enuf concentrate and sharp.. i told earlier at the post that bad start, nice end ma.


ok lar.

the day is like this;

after the Boss say wan meet us (me and my partner), then we fast fast finish the 1st site, and departure to the 2nd site and get ready everything first.

waiting my boss~~

time pass, tick dok tick dok~~ seconds pass.

ok, at last my boss was arrived. he walk very fast, and smiling..( huh, walk and smile with himself???)

i think i am dead ady, coz he is so good mood, we come spoil it, really k die standing one.

he meet us, and we lead him go to the site roof top, the site is a hotel, name "comfort hotel"
we really praying he is comfort now, haha.

we slowly go up, and then.

he ask us ; " how u both, everything ok?"
my partner; " not ok lar boss, dunno how to tell u"
boss; " har, what happen? is about work or personal?"
my partner, " is about work"
boss. " is our QAQC here done wrong or site ppl done a big mistake?"

then hoh, we reach roof top jor, Boss ask us wait, he want go toilet.

me take out the broke ultrasonice gauge meter, and put there, waiting him.

he finish pee-pee, and come, ok, here is the ending of story, we show him.

he say ;" what to do, have to change one"

the he straight away call to account dept , and request one more set for us ooo..

and we are ntg.. he treat us eat lunch also..

wow wow wow..

he is that good? now only i knw.


thanks GOD



  1. Finally you story end, dragged until 1 week + only complete it. XD

    I like the way you describe the story with those cute words, like 'tick tock' sound, 'pee-pee' (seriously this makes me laugh)

    Keep up the good work!! nice post =D

  2. hehe, cute words only k attract cute girl like u come to view ma..

  3. really good in sweet talk, LOL