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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nice Monday Night

Dear All,

Monday, most of the working people,will feel blur,sleepy,dizzy and headache.

We call it "Monday Blue".

Early morning of monday, i feel sleepy too, i slept late on sunday night due to some homework. haha.

Due to lot of lazy reason, i wish to go back home earlier, therefore, i back on 7pm (i start work on 8am), can go back on 7pm consider is early for me.

After dinner and bath, i phone call chat with my gf. then i straight away fall sleep (i really like to sleep, haha)

i woke up around 4am, 6am, 630am ..

At last, i woke up and bath is 7am. haha

ok lar, i wan go out to work . bye



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