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Thursday, June 10, 2010

World Cup

World Cup Fever

This year, 2010, South Africa World Cup Event, has been cook to MAX temperature.

Everyone are crazy for that.

Our lovely Government, no longer before, has been annouced that a license approved to Berjaya Group. Berjaya Group CEO annouced that they will start operating the Sport Gambling at 200++ of their SportToto Branch, sound cool and nice.

This week, our lovely Prime Minister, saying that no license is issued yet, still under consideration.


My head is full with question mark, what is this? why no one saying this out when wrong info spread all around the world.

Why after months going, only they come out to clarify there is no such thing.

  • Do you knw how much the public money burn in the share?

  • Do you knw how many persons are start getting ready for the bet? (haha)

  • Do you knw how far the influence of this to our Government image? ( no eye see)

  • i dont think anyone from the government servant knw all of this. (Bcoz, TAK APA MAH)

Nice, cheer and clap for our lovely goverment.

Thank you,



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