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Thursday, June 17, 2010

A poor day

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Poor start, Nice end.

Early morning, i start the preparation work in office first.

i need to prepare my measurement tools, equipment, checklist, GPS, camera, name list and letter.

At last, 915am, i am departure to Site with my Partner.

ok, no bad, we reach on site on 940am, facing some minor obstract when getting access to the building Roof Top. Finally i am make it, we are success on Top.
1st thing, we were walk around at roof, and observe the condition and location. No big issue here, just some minor defect found by our SHARP eyes ( haha).

all right, the climaks is come. my Partner take out the checklist and prepare to do recording, while i am taking out the Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter out from my bag, and then....
i open up the Box, after that, i am looking on my Gauge meter, i turn my eye to look at my Partner, then come back to the GAUGE METER... OMG...

what is Going ON, how come, why will be like this... how does it happen.

u want to knw what happen?
ok, i will tell u... i am telling it now.

my Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter, the crack, a nice crack... causing it cannot display any figure on screen clearly ady. i am dead. i dunno how to tell my boss, what reasons should i give.
If i tell him, the thing is just broke "like this", without any reason, he will FXXK me upside down.

my partner also starting panic.

i am panic.

we both... are panic.

me look at him, he look at me..

we both still at the roof top.

ok ok, all right, we both decided, we finish this site, then we will go KL oriental plaza (my HQ), go meet my boss (QAQC head of dept)

tell him
show him
and wait him (wait him FXXK me, dunno from back or front=.=)

but hoh, after we decided what to do hoh, in 5 minutes hoh, my BOSS IS PHONE CALLING US!!!!!!!!!!!!

GG liao lar .

the tele conversation;

Boss: where u both snake-ing now?
Partner: morning boss, we are now at nearby Kota Kemuning, on site ady, where got snake.
Boss: hek hek hek~~~ ya ka, wan treat me eat at klang ah?
Partner: haha, u wan come?
Boss: ya, i am now at Shah Alam, give me the next site coordinate, i come meet u two.
Partner: ok, later i ask little cow (my nick name given by boss) sms u the coor.
BOss: ok!
Partner: wait wait, boss, later we got something to discuss with u.
Boss: ok ok, tell me when we meet.


we both standing there. Wondering, how come our Boss will so luck one (he always appear at the place where ppl just done mistake, wrong or fault, maybe coz he is QAQC master)

so that is..

what happen when we meet up him? what he done on me?

aiks. nx post only tell u.


  1. I already knew what is going to happen next....wahahaha

    that is.... read his next blog la...XD