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Monday, November 15, 2010

Wash my car

Oh ya, i do like wash the car myself
I like my car, i love it (Actually, just want to save the RM 7 only)
Here just sharing my life with u guys only.

My car, BEP 1984

Oh yeah, Shooting my car with water gun (have fun with it)

I using this Economy Pack. (again, ntg special, Money is main consideration point)

Nice body .. With Fat-.-

Who, who taking my photo? (must be joey)

En en, have to wash this also

After bath

Have some ah.. Sunbathe@@

ok. have a nice day^^


  1. OoooOoooo........ funny pose when you wash your car.... can see your underwear colour also, sheep

    I spotted a love from the pipe =D

    You really sayang your car so much ^^

  2. haha, ya.. sure i sayang my car.
    i sayang my lao poh also

  3. Your sayang lao poh level already reach the max level!!! =D