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Monday, November 1, 2010

FAM (Football Association Malaysia)

Hell everyone~~

Obviously this post is sharing about FAM^^
You guys have any ideas about FAM?


Cool, If u dunno..
Coolest, if u knew...

FAM ==> Football Association Malaysia

FAM building lobby~~

F A M (looks cool)

What a nice field, same as EPL ?

Wisma FAM


Me and blue sky, green field.

The valuable picture hang on FAM interior wall

Another one. (not find out what they are discussing about)

FAM president.

Remark: I just go in FAM building for my work, which is go up rooftop do the YTL Telco- structure QA/QC only. Tired day, i go for 6nos of sites today.


  1. That discussion picture, both of the people in the picture, their face sooooo 'dark' and unhappy.....still hang this picture on wall, LOL

  2. wei! u must pay respect to them.

    One of them was our Yang Berbahagia Agong before, and Sultan .