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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Bad public transportation experience

Last 2 weeks, i went for a ride from Station KTM telok gadong to KL sentral.
Did u guys can imagine how long it taken? for me to reach KL sentral?
There was god damn 2 hours plus!!!!
I cant imagine what KTM management did for this 9 years.
They all just sitting in office and do nothing for improvement?

I don't care what's the reason for the slow, troublesome and sick komuter train travel. They never have QA/QC official go on ground, check for the trouble and solve it?

I remembered 9 years ago, the KTM taken me 2 hours travel from port klang to seremban.
Now they need 2 hours from telok gadong to KL sentral? I am frustrated to it.

The KTM look on the 1st day

End of the day


please~~ if u r FORCE to use KTM, pls arrange yourself for early schedule and got sufficient "buffer time" for the NORMAL KTM DELAY.



  1. You may, try take bus from airport to KL sentral then take KTM back to Klang there... :) any how still it will be more than an hour for tat ><

  2. isabel@ i am doing the exactly route u say, but in opposite way.