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Friday, December 9, 2011

Sunday@outing meet fren+bintang walk - 2011-12-04

This stunday 2011-12-04

Me and Sin Hooi are booked by one sweet couple one week ago. (i will like to apologize to TV 11 and NTV XX that i cancel the MTV award interview, sorry, i got to do that for my good fren lionhui and tigerTan)

That morning, i wake up early as usual, do some reading stuff (read a novel), walk here-walk there, fetch sin hooi, washed my car and have my breakfast, bla bla bla~~

After everything done, checked.

Me and Sin hooi Depart, we drive All~Along~The~Way

We finally arrived at Winner Height Condo on time, around 1pm something.
I make a call to Stephen Tiger, he said "i gonna drive my car out, coz i am gotta back early"
ok~ no problem, lets moves and straight away go have our delicious lunch.
at PAO XIANG Bak Ku Teh restaurant. ( <== click the link for details)

The certified sweet couple (look at them, dont u agree with me?)

The taste is good.
Until now, Pao xiang was the only one Klang Bak Ku Teh Frans-ices that i am satisfied with the taste control.
check it out!

If u feel interested, u k refer to those 3 newspaper link i attached at above;



Ok~ done our meet with lionhui and tigerTan

and we just finish our bak kut teh meal,
we cannot just spending time by sitting at a place and chit-chat.

We should go make some move, walk2 bit~

So, we go to Bintang walk.
Visit the nice and beautiful Starhill Gallery (<= pls click into the link for details)

Starhill Gallery always was a nice, luxury, and relax place for Public to Shopping.
and of coz, you can shoot some photo with those nice background too~
you will love it~

Shook Restaurant

Starhill@ Tea Salon

ehm~ this photo is showing u guys the way to starhill "feast" lvl toilet.
ok, i knw i knw, we should intro better place instead of a toilet.
but! but ! but!
the starhill toilet at "feast" lvl really different! A Must Try To See Location at Starhill!!


JW Marriot hotel lobby

The way out from Starhill to Sephora was so nice too.
dont you feel it looks like a church?

we will LOSt
in a big city

Ok, we cross the road,
and go to Pavilion (<= clicks into the link for details)

it was so crowd~~~

uhm~ which one to buy le?

walk2 in Pavilion,
Suddenly we feel like in our body, got the "JUMPER" ability

and we jump to Tokyo Street!!!

deng deng deng!

Am I looks cool?

Photo photo photo
Don't forget about tea!
there was long Q
nice shoot!