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Friday, December 2, 2011

YTL Concert of Celebration 2011 with Julio Iglesias

The YTL Concert of Celebration 2011 with Julio Iglesias was launched and end successfully on Yesterday Night.

Julio Iglesias voice is amazing, listening to his singing is my best experience of a lifetime.

Thank You YTL Corp! for bringing us such a nice memory night on 2011-12-01 ! Thank you!

Oh yeah~ i am part of the Concert Crew on that night actually. I feel so proud and excited for this concert. Check it out for the concert sneak pic~

Concert Venue was located just exactly center of Starhill Gallery and Pavilion
Everything are got ready on 3pm

OMG~~ oh yeah~ u r right~
He is Julio Iglesias~
he came to do some simple rehearsal on 5pm.
Julio and his band are so professional and serious to their show, they tested every single rhythm before the show started.

uhm~ as one of the concert crew member, we are provided nice dinner buffet at YTL's Societe Cafe, Starhill Gallery.

Click into this link for cafe details: societe cafe

Before the concert start, manager brief us again
and then~ Catcha photos^^

Ok~ Times Up!
Everyone on your position!
1, 2, 3!!
Gate 3 team are Ready!

Sheep~ the night started with rain~

and rain again~

and rain-rain again~

but fortunately the audiences are willing to seat still there to wait for the show start.

Nice mobile-Toilet stand by there for public to settle their "pee-pee, voo-voo"

End of the concert,
i missed the fire-flower (coz i am starving, and rush to simple supper)
Everyone keen to take some memorable photo for this such a special and "wet" night~haha

~End Of The Concert~


  1. How many guests attended the concert?

  2. Invited 1712 ~

    not attended amount was mystery~