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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Khai Woon & Chin Soon Wedding Dinner 22 May 2011

First of all, congrats to Khai Woon & Chin Soon.

Wish both of them continue their life with happiness, healthy and full with love of GOD.

Grand and nice decoration there, did u sight the beautiful light decoration at side of red carpet?

the flowers are prepared by Khai's Family themselves , very nice. Bravo

K i borrow it for my Marriage? hehehe^.^

Khai Hui arrange me sit at Table no.13 (a lucky number)


9 delicious dish

My Signature (so goldish~~~)

Wow, nice cake, nice glass, nice stage background.

Next couple to treat us wedding dinner.
Jin yang, shelynn

Susan, Y.Li, and Arby (boon cheat lar)

Me and Susan

Tracy, Alex
Why tracy hand so naugthy? ( i have no idea)

Chun Yeow and Miew~~

Joanne and her bf

First dish, i didnt take photo for the next liao.. just here. haha

Siew Ping and Teko

wow~~ campaign

MC ask them pour until long long.. ~~ only relationship last forever. hehe

Walao~~ khai woon marry or u both marry?

Wao~~ all leng lui from Klang~

At last, klang leng zai left only 1,


not one of them lar. hehehehe

OK, done sharing. bye bye!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mothers day 08 May 2011


hohoho~~ after we ate Thai-style food at restaurant

We back to home, and preparing to enjoy the taste-good cake

Check it out

From the outlook, looks superb- delicious rite?

Lighten the candle

papa mama posing & smile~~

haha, joey getting more pandai & pandai to 打扮, good !

Mama praying? or?

The time we preparing the cake, taking pic, chatting, bla bla bla~~


just a sharing