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Friday, June 10, 2011

Our young engineer Chye Farewell on 29/05/2011 at Neway Jaya Square

Easy come , Easy go

Ah Chye come, Ah Chye go

black, black, black and white~~


Is a young engineer, graduated from UPM. ( yea~~ unfortunately, he is from University Penuh Masak also)

and, Vege-Eater. ( he like all vege and vir+gin, OPS~~ .. hehe)

joined in YTL for 1 year plus, and leaving us for "HIS OWN BRIGHTEN FUTURE" !!!

hahaha, ok lar ok lar~~.

actually he is very guai 乖, and working hard all the times.

Tats why there was a farewell for him before he leave us.

Soon, he will become a Rich man. (coz he is going to Sg ~~~ )

Neway decoration

Chye's fren, YTL power staff, ying cun. ( 迎春)

Chye and Chia




DUnno who should name for

Chia and Jor ween

Ok~ we end up sing happily for 6 hours there.

Good day also.



  1. can u post the BATMAN photo up FB there~~~ sure got a lot of ppl comment. JOKE of my tension work day. thanks lei chai^^