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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Sunday-快乐星期天@2011-11-20

Hello everyone, i am here to write one post about my last lovely sunday. (make a silent wish that this sunday will be as wonderful as that day too)

Same with all the lovely couple on Earth, me and sin hooi outing for a date on our Relaxing Sunday. We are wondering where to go, KLCC? Puchong? Zoo Negara? Mid valley? Jusco Bkt Tinggi? ... bla bla bla~~ keep on thinking will be no ending.

OK! Final Decision! our destination!

Power Ikano + Cineleisure + The Curve = 3 in 1

Oh ya~ we go there, walk2 chat2 lepak2
Of coz~ we are hungry as anyone else
So that~We heading to Sakae Sushi for a tea break? or lunch? tea brunch? i dunno how to name it. haha

Seems like Doraemon come to serve us here
OMG~ I LOVE the hand roll (especially it was buy 1 free 1 when u pay it by CITIBANK card)

i like tea, so we order green tea as our drink (aiya, coz k refill hot water ma~~)

lai lai~ sin hooi jei jei teach u how to eat this

bought a magazine, cant wait to unpack and read it immediately~

After sakae sushi
we go to Power Ikano

and we Spotted this

Canyon Boy Cup Mee^^

The day still young

We are so young

Cannot back home so young

So~ Drive along way thru LDP

Here We Go
headache~ lots restaurant,pub there
which one to go?

At last, we choose
Nice drink-Arogmatic (b4 7pm, buy 1 free 1 ma)
I like the Beancurd Pork (no free huh?!! sheep=.=)



  1. Canyon Boy??!!

    He is crayon shin chan!!! XD

  2. izit? then this canyon boy must be crayon shin chan son or grandson. hahahha