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Monday, November 28, 2011

Peace Sunday- 静思星期天@2011-11-27

The time flies, 7 days passed since last Sunday.

This sunday i may busy a bit, but i must find Sin Hooi, spend time together with her.
Coz she is my gf ma. ^Q^

Today we decided to visit 静思书轩
Our last visit was 16th october already

It is nice, enjoy reading session there. At 静思书轩, u k relaxing your mind,
do your reading, chatting (in minimum sound)
I choose to continue read the book "the lost symbol"
The book rhythm is fast, pack and full of surprise. It is full of symbolic history content, really earn my attention for this book, cant wait to finish it ASAP.

Sin hooi playing her game in Ipod, and finish read a book too
"Life Coffee House"

-End Day-