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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The tip of the Borneo@2012-02-23

The tip of the Borneo is located in the district of Kudat, in the state of Sabah, Malaysia. The tip is the meeting point of Sulu and South China Sea.

Check the map, it is top of the state of Sabah

Wau! such a beautiful and lovely place in Sabah.
A must-visit place.

Standing on the Tip point, u r reserve for this great view

Pay a visit to here once u come Sabah;



Due to my work, i have to be stay in Sabah and travel here and there.

On 2012-02-23, me and my team arrived Kudat.
We talk to Hotel reception, and peoples here, they are surprisingly recommend the same place, and too mention there is a Kudat/Sabah Must-Visit place.

Which is
>The tip of the borneo<

After we done check in to this friendly Hotel Ria (6.881341,116.847365)

We quickly done our Report and get ready departure to the TOB~~

We drive, we walk,
We adventure.

At last, we saw this, haha.
Have a hug 1st.

Ops, i found my ancient photo there. Rupanya saya pernah datang sini?

Come to the Tip, must go down to the Real tip. haha

Very nice beach, good to view Sunset here.

We do QA/QC the sea water,
answer is, super duper CLEAN!!!
just a problem, the sea water was Salty!! haha

oh no ~ oh no~
The romantic moment come.
Jane~ u jump, i jump!!

Helo Kudat! we are KL Leng zai!!

Sunset! perfect



  1. Beautiful!!!! really very beautiful..... i must visit there before i dieeeeeeee

  2. i planning going Sabah KK with family coming December. Still haven't buy the ticket and book hotel yet. Shall meet you if so happen u r in KK la.
    Sin Hooi, wanna join us go? during December.

  3. december all ticket quite expensive. haha