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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Tamparuli Suspension Bridge

For the same reason (working), i always travel here and there.

One day i pass by Tamparuli, my colleague suggest that "why not we go visit the lover's bridge"

In my mind, "huh? lover's bridge? why every place also got such a bridge geh?" (note: must be due to high demand, then high supply, haha^^)

Ok, seems that we are here, just a visit only, why not? Check it out

Tamparuli suspension bridge

This is the Lover's bridge? haha

Kungfu Master, KOS ^^

My partner.
He always so mny pose geh

I do spotted Angry Birds here, cute cute^^


This song is sing in kandazandusun language
Credit to bengodomon for his translation of the lyrics.

I’m making a “Pak Pak” sound
As I walk along the bridge
The bridge of Tamparuli
while wearing high-heeled shoes

[Note: a proper name for high-heeled shoes for men is probably "Cuban Heels"]

As I walk along the bridge
The Bridge of Tamparuli
I’m making a “Pak Pak” sound
while wearing high-heeled shoes

But damn my shoes
they fell off the bridge
only socks are left
which I brought home

[Note: "silaka" is "celaka" in Malay : "damn" is the closest equivalent to English that I can think of]

On Wednesday
It’s the Tamu in Tamparuli
I go around the shops
Looking for high-heeled shoes

[Note: "Tamu" of course means "weekly open market" as is practiced in Sabah]


  1. Scary bridge..... not lover brige XD

  2. hehe, kinda scary de oo, goyang2.
    when u come, i bring u go ya. hehe

  3. i'm glad, u still having good life in Sabah^^ the love bridge must bring Devella go there and shoot a video of here. heheheh....
    Sleeper faster buy Devella a flight ticket to fly there... all the works can be wait for special important person.
    Devella, the Ho Liao lunch date, i inform u after Easter can? as this few week really super pack during my weekend time.

    missing u two^^

  4. She also pack de. take it slowly and relax.

  5. Sleeper - okie!

    Isabel - take your time, recently i also kinda busy T-T

  6. built in 1965 , of course now goyang2 heee...