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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Missing the moment together with Family~


Times flies like a G6..~~like a G6

So fast, i am 2 months at Sabah already. Omg...
If u ask me, what i miss the most, definitely my family,hooi, friends, turtle, bak ku teh, and all the nice foods too.

A lot of ppl ask me treat this as a challenge, sabah trip. (i knw i knw...)
but, i still missing home ma. haha.

Nvm, we just do the best for the task on our desk. Try our best do better and better.

Thats all, dont think too much, be concentrate. Right?

Ok~ wish me happy 2months Sabah life here. Peace^^


  1. Be tough ya :) it never be easy to work away from home!! but u can do it, ur lovely mama, papa, sister, and dearest sin hooi with full supports and friends too. Gampateh ya!! God Bless you always in safe