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Monday, April 16, 2012

Lok Kawi Wildlife Park


A nice day for trip, you know why?
Because it is a Public Holiday, for our country New King Installation.
So, where i have been? i follow colleagues to visit our KK nice Lok Kawi WildLife Park.
It is a lovely place, good maintenance, reasonable entry fees (Rm 10/adult),and various type of local and foreign animal.

The Entrance

Open daily

How much?

Got Show!
No bad, kinda entertaining.

Kiss with the snake?

 Sabah remarkable bird, hornbill

Various type of birds
Tiger, elephant, Africa Cow

Can u see that Harry Potter Flying Horse? it is awesome.

 Have you every see Elephant in party mood?
check it out!

He just keep on shaking his head non stop

Below are the official Website Link for your information;

Sabah (<== click me pls)

Zoo Gps Coordinate; 5.850194,116.069445

For you information, from KK drive to Lok Kawi wildlife park just take you 25-30 minutes only. The Rm 10 ticket price is reasonable pay for such a good maintenance Zoo.(compare to the monkey zoo i visit at Sandakan, haha)

Please pay a visit to LKWP if u r free and feeling want to have some wildlife experience.

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