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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Toyota Hilux Double Cab 2.5G(MT)


This afternoon, Boss suddenly call and ask me get ready 3 sets of "spare Tyre lock". 
I calmly replied (oh, ok), (but in my heart, wow, new company car???!!! oh yeah!)

3.30pm, we go to collect our Toyota Hilux at KK UMW/toyota showroom, a nice place with all the nice cars.

We successfully collect the 3 new Hilux in less than 10 minutes, and start engine heading back to our rent house=.= ( Boss no allow us do inspection and wasting time, keep on shout faster faster.. haha)

  Toyota Malaysia- Hilux (click me for more info)

Look at the engine, totally different engineering right?
Omg, USB for songssss, oh yeah~

My comment;

This toyota hilux, maybe give you guys different meaning. ( Goyang lar, tak selesa lar, tinggi lar, tak stabil lar and senang muntah lar)

But, it means to me. ( Safer to drive off road, Easier to climb mountain road, Comfortable to cross bad condition road, Higher to go in tiny river and Enjoyable to travel in jungle road)

Today, i gonna to use one of the car travel to Ranau already. Bye bye


  1. been told that the road condition in EM is poor. It is good to see you have this 4WD. ;)

  2. EM road condition is bad, but to travel in town actually still ok.

    Devella~ safe trip ya