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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sabah@Kundasang town mountain view-NICE!!


For West Malaysian Easier understanding, Kundasang is a place just like Cameron Highland, but presented in much more bigger, syok-er, prettier, nicer and more fun of course.

I stop by here to have some sneak photo while i am driving back KK from Ranau.

the Celsius here was just nice, perfect view and low traffic.

Click link below for more details;

Sabah tourism board official website

according to my friend, the top of the hill there, is a place looks like New Zealand..
i swear to go there in future.

Wearing my jacket. haha

my Sabah Partner, Izzunizam

We do visit few schools nearby Kundasang area here, one of them was SMK Bundu Tuhan.
It was a school located at Bundu Tuhan.

I saw the students are playing cheese, instead of Iphone, Ipad and Ipod.
i foresee all those student brains were develop towards a much more intelligent way compare to Urban boy.

Kicking a Ball on Mountain^^

On the way back, raining.
So, quite misty there.
No problem in driving if u drives with low speed.

Welcome to Kundasang


  1. Nice place!!! must pay a visit if i got the chance

  2. haha, is good~ macam BIG edition Cameron Highland

  3. Cameron highland smaller than Kundasang?