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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sabah@Beaufort River Park Hotel 2012-02-21

Hello Beaufort! Beautiful!

haha~ ya, no doubt i can call Beaufort = Beautiful.

I am overnight here because second day i need to survey all along the way until Lawas, Sarawak.
haha, yup, is true, until sarawak!

Check it out, belows is the River park hotel superior room

You can contact the number below for reservation;

Gps Coordinate;
5.34583, 115.740838

Beautiful Sunrise and Beaufort bridge

Welcome to Beaufort ya^^


  1. from beaufort...nice review..i agree with u..superior room is nice,clean n big space!

  2. Thanks for the hotel number. I could not find online service that can book this hotel. I could not find other decent hotel in beaufort.