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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

KFC I-City Employee Vs Customer Fight??

What happen in our Country?
You can get beat in a crowd Fast Food Restaurant??!!
Want to know what happen? pls have a view on below youtube;

ok?! what you think?

1 sec; The Customer try to look for a fight?

2 sec; the customer "lady friend" say "sorry sorry" to the employees.

16 sec; the unfortunate customer punch by one of the employee.

18 sec; customer "kena" side kick by the same person.

24 sec; one blue shirt guy looks enjoy and smiling on the scene.

28 sec; THE END

According to facebook comment and forum photo i found;

According KFC Malaysia FB; they are pending for investigation;

Below was the video KFC assault victim denies provoking attack ;

Combination of 2 videos at KFC I-city incident;

According to CHINESE CARI FORUM << Click link for detail

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