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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Safe House Premiere Screening at e@Curve 2012-02-08

First of all, courtesy to Nuffnang for giving me a chance to watch Safe House earlier than anyone else at e@Curve (formerly known as Cineleisure)

I want to tell u guys, i think that Denzel Washington is damn cool in this movie, i know denzel from the movie man on fire (2004), he is good in coolest killing style. You guys should check it out this movie.


One of the CIA's most wanted, Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington), is back on the run after a ten-year disappearance. This alerts the CIA and sends their team to a gripping chase in Cape Town, South Africa. At a remote location, the CIA's safe house is guarded by a rookie operative, Matt Weston (Ryan Reynolds). The house have been empty for years, involving no guests or action. At the arrival of Frost and the intelligence, a brutal investigation occurs. Phased by the presence of a notorious criminal, Weston becomes nervous and confused. In the midst of questioning, mercenaries invade the house and begins a killing spree in an effort to kidnap Frost as well. Frost reminds Weston, that as a house guest, he is to be protected. This sends Weston to a dizzying panic and eventually escapes along with Frost.

Denzel Washington is an actor full of intensity. He can sit there and watch Reynolds do his thing and still convey the deepest of his character's emotions. He gives Frost both a terrifying presence and a sympathetic feel. Ryan Reynolds, on the other hand, manages to stand along Washington and give the same intensity. His wits and charisma works perfectly for his distressed rookie persona. The film succeeds best because of this tandem, allowing the actors to build a good enough relationship to carry out the entire film.

"Safe House" is a great action thriller with non-stop action. This is the first mainstream feature for Daniel Espinosa and he comes forth as promising due to his skillful camera work with the action scenes. One of the most impressive is the rooftop chase at night. The editing is pitch perfect as it allows the audience to feel the danger of the situation from each point of view. This film could have been bleak and predictable if the leads were miscast but Washington and Reynolds' enigma make the film satisfyingly fun and fresh.


Before me and devella proceed to the long Q at Nuffnang Counter, we go to Subway enjoy our lovely dinner.

Hehe~ Candy camera~~~ ^^

After a long Q, at last we get our ticket.
We decide to have a cup of coffee at Starbuck.
Tonight, i tried "cold camella macchiato", not taste good, i guess should order Hot one.
Nvm, try it nx time.

At last, we enjoy the Free movie from Nuffnang.
Thank you Nuffnang!!

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