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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chronicle@Premiere Screening at E@Curve 2012-01-31

Hello guys, i just back from Chronicle Premiere Screening at E@Curve

courtesy to Yes World, for giving me a chance to watch this movie earlier than anyone else. Thousand thanks!!!

1st of all, lets have a simple review on the movie synopsis 1st;

Three high school friends gain superpowers after making an incredible discovery. Soon, though, they find their lives spinning out of control and their bond tested as they embrace their darker sides.

watch the HD trailer here;

KOS comment;

I think Chronicle is just cool, worth to watch. Dunno why i feel this movie filming style is similar with the District 9.

In the earth stage of movie, Andrew bought a new video camera, and he filming everything. After he, steve and matt gain the super power, they start keep testing their power and of coz, the filming still going on.

I feel so sad for steve death, and andrew misuse of the superpower. Otherwise, they 3 got potential to be new Superhero on earth huh.. haha .. lolx.

Conclusion, this movie is super worth to watch, especially whose like to watch District 9.


We arrive on 750pm, and Q up nicely in front the counter

YES guys reach puncture, they are arrived on 805pm. it's good. credit for them

Within 1 minute, i get my movie pass already.. Yeah!! thanks YES WORLD!!

Uhm hum, me and sin hooi are hungry, and away for our dinner.
Here we go, u r right, we go for SUBWAY.. healthy Fastfood!

wow, i spotted a beautiful model posing there~~ slurp~~

We both order sub of the day^^

All Vege pls~~

Wao~ Shaolin kung fu to shoot that sauce out.

Deng deng~ i pay together with my coupon.. Buy 1 Free 1

hehe, done

Looks juicy and delicious

Nice mushroom soup

We both are enjoy to dining here. nice. healthy. affordable.

After we ate bao2, then we heading to cinema.
Outside the cinema, i saw this display set.. looks cool. haha
Inside the coffin, got vampire inside.. scary~~~