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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Khong Wei( Teko) wedding morning session 26/12/2010 PART 1

Forever Love

Mr Teh Khong Wei (ppl call TEKO)


Miss Ho Ai Yin (ppl call AI YIN)

at the Registry Of Civil Marriages,
Shah Alam Buddhist Society.

This lovely couple register on 10/10/2010, and now 26/12/2010, they are consider married after our chinese traditional SOP (Standard Operation Procedures)

Wish TEKO and AI YIN stay happy and healthy forever

Lets Check It Out the photos taken on the 26/12 morning.

BMW (Belongs to TEKO for one day)

1155, everyone buying

sweet decoration

BMW side view

BMW back view

The couple going to marry at the day... (OPS!!!!!! attached wrong photos, sorry sorry, should be TEKO and Ai YIn, not us)


Burn Pig (烧猪)

Nervous ah boss???

Discussing the strategy?

Ai Yin brother

Burn Pig delivery. (what a professional job)

the ladiesssss DEFENDER (all keep on $$$$$ nia)

~~ End of PART 1~~

to be continue

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  1. Attached wrong picture huh........hahahahah so funny la