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Monday, January 31, 2011

Male and Female Lion ^^

just a funny sharing with u guys only.

i saw this pair of Lion, at Ipod Paragon city hotel

It just funny.

check it out

Male one~~ how i knw?

u k see they just add on this bird afterward de.
very bad work~


ntg here, should be female gua. haha

sleeper thinking;

i guess early stage, there are 2 nos of female lion display there de.
maybe got anyone knw about feng shui de, go advise the hotel owner,
if u put one pair of female lion there, means the 2 lions keep on argue or fight right in front of ur htoel entrance. what a bad story rite?

one pair must male and female ma ... then they both "make- love love" at entrance.

another story jor lu. haha


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAA..........So funny la, force 1 of them to be the mal but stick on a rock rod XD

  2. ya lar.. the rock rod.. lol.. looks so Solid huh. haha

  3. hahahaahah XD

    Where are the 2 lions?

  4. devella@ the 2lions are at ipod.
    isabel@ ooo. u like dirty joke ya

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  6. OMG~~ Paragon city hotel came in here and comment?

    Paragon city hotel@ hey, r u really is the hotel staff or ?