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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Lou Shang 捞生 - My 4th time for 2011^^

I am here just to sharing some photos about my
4th time Lou Shang
on 2011


The restaurant is not bad, and the food ok also.

u k order "halal" food for ours Bumi Good frens as well, this is very good our frens.

lets see the photos

Private room

Got ktv de oo

k put for 7-8 tables

My table, u k see my hp at left hand side as well. haha

The corridor outside of our room

Left is sub con

Pig Head

Andrew Lee

Ah Fong

Mr Yeoh S C (manager)

Hobart Goh, My good fren

Yoon (M&E senior supervisor)


They are shooting on their manager

shoot me sekali

Sitting: Ah fatt
Standing: ah Foo

In alcohol war

lots ppl using smartphone now.

Ah Foo drinking 大炮

he mixing the drinks for everyone.
he say in this way much more fair.

Ah Fatt

Ah Keong (biggest man)

Hobart running away.

Ah kai + ah yee

haru + ah kai


Tan Chun Hong

Fight until our table liao

Ah Yoon challenge ppl


  1. Adding ur blog to my blogroll

    i yet to have my lou sang...haha

  2. hahaha~~ later when u lou shang. must post ya. haha