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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sungai Besi Company Hostel


Every gathering, comfirm got ppl asking where am i working, living.

the conversation always the same as below;

Fren: hey, where u working? oooo YTL ah? then u have to drive to Bukit Bintang everyday?

Me: no, i working at Housing Project and i am stay there.

Fren: u living in Banglor or Condo? provided by ur company right? ur company so rich , bla bla bla

Me: no no no, i living in the hostel build up by plywood, timber..

Fren: har?? u engineer, live together with Indonesian worker ah? (hello, some of the indonesian worker , nowdays got Astro , air cond, labtop de le, dont play play)

Me: not lar not lar, my hostel , got aircond, fridge, kitchen, toilet, tv room, all we need also got de.

Fren: wah~~ like this good hoh.. k save petrol, and time.. bla bla bla again

ok, now start imagine hows my hostel look right?

FYI, very mess is the look ( coz i am lazy guy one)


quite big actually

every room have a window

haha, switch

my bed

omg~~~!!!!! so messy.. whose room is this?

TV room


Toilet and washing machine

dirty? actually colour problems only


we have everything actually

~~ End ~~

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