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Monday, March 7, 2011

100 international women's day 2011

"This is not FAIR!!! why bro have this, cant i.....??!! "

"I give all my hardwork, time and effort, but end up, i am excluded from promote list?? NOT FAIR!!"

"why He always get more privilege than She, just because he is a Man, She is a Woman??"

Until today, we still so familiar with dialog stated above ^

why? i dunno

2molo is world women's day, we should take this opportunity to changes the way.

Man should Respect Woman

Everyone should put an effort to stop any kind of violence to Woman.

First of all;

click and go "sign in"


You can follow and complete the weekly challenges and pledges on, and you will then pursue the next week's and so on, and stay a chance to win weekly PRIZES!!

Izit it is cool?

Appreciate the woman surrounding you, and then stay a chance to win prizes, you WOnt get this if u r not appreciate them..

So, support Woman's day, respect woman.

Mom, sister, lao poh, fren, every woman, I LOVE YOU ALL

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