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Friday, March 18, 2011

Family day 23/01/2011

This is January Family day, ha, i am transferring the photos from my HP into my labtop.
Thats why i am late to post it on blog. haha

the time is CNY mood ady i remember.
My parents say wan to watch movie, any movie also k, so ahh~~

i am decide to watch "great day", coz it is a local film, we should/must support it right?

ok, cool, this movie really not bad, i like the flow, and it is touching.

Joey and Mun Mun are cry, haha, cry until not enough tissue.

After the movie, then we heading to steamboat restaurant, to have a dinner.

Not bad huh, haha

Oh ya, we watch "great day" at MBO harbour place,
There are lower price for senior citizen ( very good), RM 5

Pork piece

we are waiting patiently


Father preparing the soup
Mum say :" if someone dunno cook, sure cannot make any nice soup while steamboat"

haha, she wan to tell us, her husband very good in cooking izit? haha

Very dark de me

Wow, u see, my mum smile so pretty

Joey and mun mun

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