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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Pray for Japan

It is shocked us, when we read the news about Japan earthquake 8.9.

Twice Super Earthquake in two days?

it is crazy. cant imagine that, if this earthquake happen at Malaysia.

I guess, our leader will disappear for a while, then, they only will come out to do "SHOW" after their own family safe de.

Below is one of the Japanese msg on internet:

** 几百人在广场避震完毕,整个过程,无一人抽烟。服务员在跑,拿来一切毯子,热水,饼干。所有男人帮助女人,跑回大楼为女人拿东西 ,接来电线放收音机。几个小时后,人散,地上没有一片垃圾。
** 地震後,日本三得利公司宣布所有販售機將免費供應飲料!日本的711和全家全部免费提供食品和饮水!渴了,自动贩卖机免费;饿了,便利店......免费;累了,大超市开放避难;寂寞了,公众电话免费;听不懂日语,电视台中文喊话教怎么避难。這就是國家形象,日本雖然受災,日本人卻給世人上了一課。

Omg, Japan giving the whole world a great lesson.

Their image: discipline, unite, and nationalist

I think, Our country, still a thousand year to learn from Japan.

no matter how, i just pray for Japan, all safe and come cross the bad.

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